Easy Fitness Challenge

When people think of getting into shape, they often don’t consider doing an easy fitness challenge in the home. These challenges tend to be more fun than going to the gym and can be a great way to get started on the path to better health. Some fun exercises for at home include push-ups, sit-ups, chest presses, chin ups and more. There are also plenty of fun home fitness programs that you can do such as ballroom dancing, cheerleading, karate, jogging or many other fun activities. The best part is that most of these activities don’t require any expensive equipment.

One fun office fitness program is to make a time to walk with your coworkers. Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise and has been shown to have many health benefits including better immunity against colds and flu’s. It also makes walking more enjoyable, improves our mood and makes us feel more active and like we are taking positive steps in improving our health. Walking gives us the opportunity to talk with our coworkers and ask for their help. We can also make walking a team bonding event where each member of the team takes the responsibility to get the entire team moving.

Another fun exercise is a push-up challenge. The push-up challenge consists of standing in a push up position while counting down. Once the count reaches five, jump up in the air to push yourself away from the wall. Then, land back down in a push up position. The goal is to reach a point where you can no longer move your feet.

An easy fitness challenge that is fun and easy for the entire group is a walk-and-climb obstacle course. Create a fitness app that includes the names of all of your team members and have them complete the course for time. You can then post the completion time online so everyone can see their performance. The more members you have, the larger the collection of faces on the obstacle course.

If you want to create an actual office gym, have your employees divide up the space between departments or even use a large open space to create a walking meeting place. Gather everyone together at the starting point in a large room and have everyone set up camp. Make sure all are aware of the mission of the walking meeting and don’t end up making it a competition. You can have employees bring their own dumbbells, medicine balls, or a variety of exercise equipment. You can also encourage employees to bring their own water bottle or bring several of their own bottles from work.

Walking meetings are a great way to get people moving and build healthy relationships. There’s no better way to promote team spirit than by having employees trek across a field or trail in perfect unison. It’s also a great fun activity to do with the kids. They will be enthusiastic to show off their new found fitness level as they struggle through their fitness challenge. Having the entire group walk in a row is a fun way to get everyone working out in unison.

Getting a fun, easy fitness challenge has worked great for the entire office. Now everyone strives to be the best employee they can be, showing off their bodies every chance they get. Even if they don’t make it to the starting line first, they always find something fun to do during breaks. These unique exercises encourage everyone to push themselves further, ensuring they remain physically fit.

To get started with your easy fitness challenge, visit a local gym and ask about the various programs they offer. Not only will they provide you with a personal trainer to guide you through your first workout, but they will also have some great ideas for fun workouts you can do together. Most gyms offer daily classes, which you can attend in your spare time. You’ll enjoy the company of other people looking to get in shape and the challenging workout you will receive. With this type of support, you will be on your way to working out like a hard-rock star.